Shotoku to Launch Next Phase in Technical and Operational Developments for Robotic Camera Control at NAB 2020


NAB Booth C 9108


Demonstrations of SmartPed Robotic Pedestal with Absolute Navigation options will join self-contained and powerful pan/tilt heads, enhancements to control systems and highly adaptable height drive


Woodcliff Lakes, NJ – February xx, 2020 – Shotoku USA, Shotoku Broadcast Systems’ North American operation, will launch the next phase in technical and operational developments for robotic control systems at NAB 2020 in Booth C 9108. The international manufacturer of high-quality, easy-to-use, robust and reliable robotic and manual camera support systems will demonstrate advancements that incorporate an IP interface into its flagship SmartPed robotic pedestal; a self-contained and easy to connect pan/tilt head; numerous enhancements incorporated into the Company’s TR-XT control system and will also highlight its height drive and pan/tilt head ideal for legislative applications.

 SmartPed Fully Robotic Pedestal – Absolutely Brilliant Navigation 

SmartPed with Absolute Navigation is perfect for those applications where referencing the fully robotic pedestal is inconvenient or the design of the studio leaves no scope for a floor tile reference position.  SmartPed now comes with two optional additions depending on the environment – AN-I is an IP interface within SmartPed enabling it to interface to existing external optical tracking systems such as Mosys StarTracker or Stype RedSpy using the absolute tracking information to reference and adjust the pedestals own internal navigation systems.  AN-S provides a full integrated solution, including the optical tracking system for situations where customers do not already have installed optical tracking.

 TG-18i Integrated Pan/Tilt Head – Self Contained, High Payload, Simple Connectivity

The TG-18i is the latest version of the hugely successful TG-18 studio pan/tilt head provides a fully integrated head with high payload and simple connectivity.  All the key features which have made the TG-18 so successful remain - such as perfect motion and full manual override with fluid damping - all in a new self-contained package.

TR-XT Control System – Get the Picture!

The TR-XT Control System will be shown with multiple enhancements that will further expand the capabilities of this already powerful and intuitive control system.


The TR-XT, the flagship control system of the Shotoku platform, will be demonstrated with the new LiveView option that uses a secondary IP video camera to provide a wide-angle scene view for each camera. LiveView enables operators to command heads to new positions simply by touching on a wide-angled live video view of the studio, smoothly repositioning the head towards the selected presenter, guest or other area of interest.

Studio Zones

Studio zones easily define areas within a studio into which cameras may or may not travel.  Zones have a dynamic understanding of studio equipment to avoid no-go areas and potential collisions.  In addition to each SmartPed’s unique on-board collision avoidance system, Studio Zones offers a higher level of control for the operator to ensure smooth and safe operation within the environment.

 Full Automation

Shotoku will be showing its enhanced automation interfaces allowing not just pre-set shot recall but full camera adjustment on-the-fly from external systems, even including face-recognition and tracking systems.  This advanced technology brings the concept of operator-less control into reality!

TG-27/MicroPDU – Power for the Powerful

The TG-27/MicroPDU pan/tilt head and power supply, the de-facto standard for Legislative TV system,  provides a high-end all over solution for any size legislature or conference system when used in conjunction with Shotoku’s TR-S control panel and its fully automated Orchestra control system. In use every day at many of the world’s highest profile national and regional legislatures, houses of worship and global corporate organizations.

TI-12 Elevator Unit - Going up?

Shotoku’s TI-12 elevator unit accommodates virtually any studio pedestal.  The TI-12 Height Drive is the world’s only truly adaptable height drive able to attach to and elevate columns on a wide range of pedestals, of other manufacturers and of different ages and designs in addition to Shotoku’s own TP-200.  Adding height control to a new or existing pedestal brings added value to customers who demand not only super-smooth robotic operation but need to maintain manual pedestal operation at the touch of a button.

“Shotoku’s position as one of the world’s most innovative robotic camera system developers is a result of the core robotics systems developed over several years, but also the continual enhancement, expansion and adaptation we put into the products to ensure they continue to deliver the highest levels of performance, reliability and flexibility for our many clients around the world.” explains James Eddershaw, CEO Shotoku USA. “This year, amongst numerous other enhancements, we are excited to show our extremely popular SmartPed pedestal with flexible Absolute Navigation options, as well as a host of other advancements developed to keep our customers competitive and successful.”

We look forward to seeing you at NAB 2020!

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