Product Description

The Shotoku TP-80 is designed for camera systems weighing up to 105 kg (including Pan & Tilt Head) in high-end studios worldwide.

A four-stage column provides the maximum camera height range giving the lowest shooting angles through to the highest, helping you to produce more creative shots for all television programs. The TP-80 utilizes Shotoku’s unique low air pressure technology (less than 0.97MPa) which offers significant advantages in safety, is easier to fill with air as no compressed air cylinders are needed, and provides a longer service life compared with conventional air pedestals.

Shotoku’s unique column brake handle is fitted as standard on the TP-80 allowing secure tilt operation without the risk of unwanted vertical column movement. It is easily engaged and disengaged with one hand without needing to look down to locate a lever.


Max. Payload
105 kg / 231 lbs
Max. Height
1,499 mm / 59"
Min. Height
499 mm / 20"
On-Shot Stroke
1000 mm / 39"
Tracking Width
911 mm/ 36"
Transit Width
848 mm/ 33"
187kg / 412.2lbs (including trim weights)
Ground Clearance
3~25mm / 0.1~1"
Wheel Diameter
126mm / 5"
Steering Ring Diameter
700 mm / 28"
Individual Trim Weights (x6)
0.74kg / 1.6lbs
M70 Mitchell
Suitable Head
SG900, TE-23, TE-12, TG-18, TG-19

Recommended Combinations