SPi-Touch provides an enhancement option to any VR tracking system on dollies, pedestals or cranes. Through the very simple touch screen interface the camera operator is able to adjust several settings within the tracking system which are normally fixed. This includes individual axis-offsets for fine tuning tracking as well as selection of alternative floor positions even on systems without X-Y Tracking - saving time and cost.
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In some applications it may not be essential that a camera is able to move about the studio while on-air, but it may be useful to re-position the camera while off-air, normally this would still require a full X-Y tracking pedestal. Our SPi-Touch system expands the capability of the standard PTZF sensing system to enable quick and easy re-positioning of the camera to pre-defined positions, without the need for real-time XYH tracking.

During set-up of the system, up to 6 camera positions may be defined and marked on the studio floor.  During the broadcast it is then possible for the camera operator to re-position the pedestal in one of the defined positions and simply tell the VR tracking system through the SPi-Touch user interface on the pan bar, which position the pedestal is now in.  The VR data will instantly update to the new position, and the VR set will move to the correct position for subsequent PTZF tracking on air.

The SPi-Touch also offers support for our latest 2-point visual referencing, making the reference procedure of XYH tracking pedestals and cranes even simpler, no longer requiring any reference floor tile.

The system can be applied to any “static” camera on a tripod or other non-VR pedestal from Shotoku or any third party camera supports.

  • Enhanced operation of VR tracking systems
  • Simple 2-point pedestal referencing
  • Multiple floor positions for 2D tracking systems
Preset floor positions5 + Home position
Reference procedureSimple 2-point triangulation - no reference tile
MountingPan bar clamp