TR-XT Touch Control Panel

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TR-XT Touch Control Panel

The TR-XT system is the latest generation of our state-of-the-art remote camera control. Fully compatible with all Shotoku P&T heads and pedestals as well as all generations of TR-8T and TR-16T controllers.
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The TR-XT control system is an extremely powerful, fully-featured remote camera control system. Despite its power and sophistication it is incredibly simple to operate - something vitally important in any live-TV environment. A virtually unlimited number of shots may be stored for each camera since they are held on the hard drive of the T-Computer – the heart of the TR-XT system. Shots are stored with a thumbnail image, captured (in SD/HD-SDI format) at the time of storing directly from the controlled camera, and may be displayed in small, medium or large format depending on the operator preference. Shots may be displayed in a random mode (any grid position for any camera shot) or column mode (shots from a camera arranged vertically below the relevant camera selection button). Our unique single camera mode enables live video of the selected camera to be viewed on the touch screen, along with all stored shots for the camera.

The TR-XT connects to all Shotoku camera systems with a simple Ethernet network connection, and to compatible third party devices either by serial, or via our Digiport protocol convertors. The new touch screen uses a glass-front screen, rather than a traditional plastic overlay, this improves the image quality and the larger screen size maximizes the clarity and ease of use for the operator. The system comprises of the T-Panel (19”x3U), a high resolution VGA touch screen and the T-Computer processor unit (19”x2U).

As on all Shotoku control panels a precision three axis joystick enables smooth control of pan, tilt and zoom axis at all times. Pan and tilt response speeds are automatically compensated according to the zoom angle such that even on very narrow angle shots head movement is smooth and under close control.

  • 8, 16 or 32+ Cameras
  • Touch screen selection of shots
  • Unlimited shots per camera
  • Multi-Shot sequences
  • Simultaneous multi-camera cues
  • Hardware panel with highly configurable controls and functions
  • Truly multi-tasking control - multiple simultaneous actions
  • Automatic On-Air camera selection
  • Control third party legacy heads
  • Inbuilt system redundancy
Controls3-axis proportional joystick for Pan, Tilt and Zoom
Rotary encoders indvidually assignable for Focus, Pan, Tilt or Zoom
Fade time adjustment
Individual Pan & Tilt reverse functions
Up to 16 dedicated camera selection buttons
''On Air'' Tally
Fade, Cut, CRuZe and Stop
ConnectionsEthernet control network
RS-232/RS-422/IP Automation Interface
GPI In/Out Switcher Tally
HD-SDI Video Capture Input
PhysicalPanel - 19" rack mount, 3RU high
Electronics - 19" rack mount, 2RU high
Touch Screen - 22" diagonal
Power100-240V AC 50/60Hz